Thursday, July 09, 2009

Indiana Horticulture Congress

I can honestly say that this is the first entry to a blog that I have written...

Here it is July...county fair time... and you are probably nearing peak production time for many crops. I hope the High tunnels have buffered your production from some of the "irregular" weather that we have received this spring.

It is not too early to begin thinking about what subjects that you would like to learn more about to make your high tunnel as profitable as possible with the least amount of inputs.

We are in the early discussions about the content/presenters for a high tunnel session/sessions for the 2010 Indiana Horticulture Congress...While January seems like a long time from now my quick research shows that as of this writing Christmas is only 168 days 10 hours and 33 minutes away and Hort Congress is less than a month after that!

If you have High tunnel/season extension topics that you would like to learn more about and /or if you know of good presenters for those topics... we would like to know of them.

Hope that you have a productive and profitable July...

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Roy Ballard

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